About Us

We specialize in making our costumers happy, and we do this by making delicious food made to order, including fresh dough made every morning. We make our pizza with real cheese, all our ingredients are authentic, and we bake and prepare everything as if we are preparing food for our own family.Don't forget that we have TV and wifi so you can come and relax during you work breaks, and beer and wine so you can come and relax after work. Call us to cater your next gathering! For genuine delicious food delivered right to your door, give us a call.

Pizza Di Marco has been on Newhall Ave for the past 5 years. Andy one of the owners started working at Round Table Pizza over 20 years back in the bay area. He opened his own business at this location and has been literally every day including weekends to create this local small business and get it off the ground. we love good food and our customers and hope to be around for many good years.